Our History

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church been a beacon of Christ’s light in Kansas City since 1882.  We are  located at 2732 Benton Boulevard.  We have been in this location since 1950. Saint Augustine’s is one of thirty one active Episcopal Congregations over the age of 100 years in the state of Missouri, and The Diocese of West Missouri.

Our history at Saint Augustine’s is richly interwoven with the history of The Episcopal Church at both national and local levels, our nation, and our city.

Saint Augustine’s church was named after Augustine of Hippo, who was born in North Africa, November 13, 354 A.D. Augustine was a bishop and monastic. He is considered one of the greatest theologians of Christian history. 

The first cornerstone of the original St. Augustine’s building was laid on August 27, 1882 by Bishop Charles Franklin Robertson and the one story brick edifice was completed in 1883. That building was located at 1025 Troost Avenue. One of the early vicars of the Church was the Rev’d Edward Demby who later went on to be one of the first African American bishops in the Episcopal Church.  Bishop Demby is remembered on the church’s calendar of holy people on April 14.

In its long history, St. Augustine’s has had large a number of members who have contributed to the civic, professional, educational and spiritual growth in Kansas City, Missouri.

On September 8, 1980, The Parish House of Saint Augustine’s which has served not only as its second church home but now also its administrative office and parish hall was listed on the Kansas City Register of Historical Places. Later on May 30, 1986 it was also listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Santa Fe Place Historic District of Kansas City, Missouri.

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